Minutes of EQUIP Meeting Palakkad Cluster


9TH OCT, 2015

The meeting of EQUIP of Palakkad cluster was held at KV Malappuram on 9th Oct,2015 at 10.30am in the primary resource room of the Vidyalaya. The meeting was chaired by Sh.Asok, Principal, KV NO.1 Palakkad and cluster I/C, Palakkad cluster.

The meeting started off with the principals and teachers introducing themselves.

  1. EQUIP has been implemented since the year 2012. As per provisions of RTE, there is automatic promotion till class VIII. Keeping this in view, there was a dire need of maintaining as well as improving quality in classes VI – VIII. Regional level question papers for SA2 were introduced to improve quality. Classes VI – VIII are the grey areas which are mostly neglected. The difficulties of Primary students when they reach the secondary classes to cope with 6 subjects and the new language Sanskrit can be overcome through EQUIP.
  1. It is observed that in primary level, language and arithmetic skills are two areas which need to be emphasized; similarly in higher classes too these two areas are of prime importance. In senior classes students are not able to fare well in Mathematics, which in turn points towards a poor foundation. The bridge course should address these issues effectively and quality needs to be maintained.
  2. The Readiness programme has been implemented in the cluster successfully. EQUIP ensures quality in which no students should be in the lowest of the grades.
  3. In classes VI – VIII students securing El and E2 grades can be given a retest, so that they can reach the D grade, the minimum requirement for passing and this will also help them to perform better in the II term. By next week the exams can be conducted and completed by Oct 17th.
  1. After the implementation of the readiness programme, feedback needs to be taken upon the effectiveness of the programme. From next academic year on, this initiative need to be followed There should be 10 days of bridge course. A pre-test and a post-test should be conducted to assess the progress of students.
  2. Teachers in the meeting also suggested changes in the split up syllabus of classes VI – VIII and to include the’ readiness programme in the split up syllabus. The syllabus should be equally divided between the Ist term and the IInd As of now the syllabus in the Ist term is more when compared to the IInd term.
  3. There should be separate subject committee meetings focused on classes VI – VIII. All the TGTs can be called for a common meeting and subject wise it can be decided on the readiness programme and the implementation of EQUIP.
  4. Result analysis should be minutely scrutinized and the slow learners need to be addressed. A change in the methodology can do wonders. A follow up of the result analysis of classes VI – VIII needs to be done and the students need to be given extra attention.
  5. Students with disabilities can be evaluated accordingly and thus will be motivated to perform
  6. Role of librarian plays an important role in this programme.40% of books to be purchased should be focused on EQUIP. There are books which are prescribed for reading by the students and this should be stressed upon and the students need to be encouraged on reading these books and students can be asked to write book reviews and the same can be assessed in FA’s especially in languages. Book reviews can be written during periods and should be checked by the teachers and the librarian.
  7. Lab activities should be introduced in classes VI – VIII. In single section schools students can be taken to senior science labs or the apparatus can be taken to classes and demonstration of scientific instruments can be done. In the junior science lab, teachers need to maintain a log book on the frequency of students visiting the lab. This needs to be done strictly. The lab must be well connected to technology. Students can also be made to write records in science, so that by the time they reach class Xth they have an idea about the same.
  1. New terminology need to be introduces in the morning assembly so that students have a grasp on the new subject terminology. A collection of new words connected to mathematics and science can be given as a project as. Holiday homework instead of monotonous copying.
  1. Quality online programmes and resourceful videos can be shown in classes in connection with ICT. E-content also needs to be taken up during the teaching learning process effectively in the classes. The cluster I/C also suggested having an EQUIP blog and updation of the same can be done.
  1. Assignments based on NCERT textbooks should be given to students. Planned activities need to be given. Maths teachers should see to it that students are learning the multiplication tables by heart and an audio recording of the same can be played inside the classrooms. The vocabulary used in math’s and science subjects is difficult to comprehend and the same can be made easy by the teachers.
  1. Suggestions can be put up in the RAC, regarding the slight changes needed in the split up syllabus and if possible exhibitions be shifted to II term and activities to be taken up provided we know the national level dates of the activities.
  1. The home works to be assigned should be one subject 2 hrs. in a week and moreover a homework timetable can be prepared by teachers and can be followed to reduce the stress of the same. After every concept has been taught,-home works can be given and systematic corrections need to be done. Slow learners notebooks or home works needs to be corrected carefully and follow up work needs to be done effectively.
  1. PSA needs to be taken up with a different approach. Classes VI – VIII will have PSA exams and for preparing students for the same, challenging questions can be prepared and students to be given practice in that.10% of PSA score should be taken in FA IV assessment. These questions can also be given in holiday homework.
  1. There should be a follow up of any workshops or courses attended by the teachers. It is mandatory that the same is imparted to other teachers in the Vidyalaya. The materials and content received in these workshops can be sent to other schools and follow up can be done. Every teacher should know the details of EQUIP, its need and its successful implementation. A follow up to be done in. the schools after today’s meeting and the same should be discussed in the subject committees meetings and suggestions to be, taken up from teachers handling classes VI – VIII regarding the same and can be sent to the cluster I/C for compilation.
  1. In the II term weekly 1(one) period can be set aside for teaching grammar especially the basics of grammar in English and Hindi languages. This in turn helps in improving language proficiency and also indirectly helps students to perform better in PSA test as well. In Sanskrit language, students-can be made to learn slokas, which can be made mandatory.
  1. The meeting ended with the cluster I/C wishing everyone present, good luck in their future endeavors and the next meeting venue would be intimated to the principals in the Palakkad cluster well in advance.

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